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About The Artist

Self-taught Swiss artist, curious by nature and active traveller, I first admired the works of known and unknown painters, sculptors, designers, then thanks to the friendship of some of them, I pushed the door workshops, and I dared to go to the other side of the canvas.

Further learning to follow, internships abroad, exchanges with many artists, and above all a great curiosity to try new techniques or new media.

From the start, I liked acrylic. You have to work quickly, as acrylic dries fast. Then I combined collages, fabrics, markers, ink among others. I use brushes, of course, but also my fingers, sponges and various fabrics. The same material deposited with different instruments allows the color to evolve, from intensity to transparency.

The landscape has often been the basis of the subject of my paintings, a desire to recreate the memories of my travels, an experience, a feeling on the canvas. Then with the challenge of the exhibitions, I had to adapt the subject to the place or to the imposed theme, or sometimes to throw myself new challenges, such as painting on resin, on aluminium, on fabrics or on canvases of different sizes.

Being an artist is first and foremost the pleasure of painting, of having fun with materials and colors, but the ultimate happiness is to see in the eyes of a person who looks at one of my paintings, an emotion, the more positive possible, a desire to escape or a great calm.

Welcome to my world

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